A tale of historical fantasy from the heart of the Arabian Peninsula. The hero, "Aws" , has a mysterious past. Together with his peers, face an epic battle to defend their city and their families against a ruthless army general!

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"Abraha" and his ruthless invading army threaten the city of Makkah and are trying to destroy everything that comes their way and attack the innocents. While defeat seems inevitable, "Aws" and a group of fighters decide to defend their city against this mighty army.

"Aws" a simple potter, is forced to reveal his dark past when he discovers among the defenders his lost childhood friend "Zurara" In the midst of fears and dangers, "Aws" battles his doubts and fears as he tries to unite his friends and companions on the eve of the battle, and the strength of faith and perseverance drives them to stand and fight to the end. As "Abraha's" army approaches, the fate of their city and their families is at stake.

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